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RouterTech Unofficial Advanced Firmware (DLink 5x4T and G6x4T)
The Setup section allows you to create new connections, edit existing connections, and configure other basic settings.
The Advanced section lets you configure advanced features like RIP, Firewall, NAT, UPnP, IGMP, Bridge Filters, and LAN clients.
The Wireless section lets you configure wireless related features.
The Tools section lets you carry out system commands and perform simple system tests.
The Status section displays status, log and statistical information for all connections and interfaces.
The Help section provides information on configuration and settings for each section.
Status Information
Firmware version: RTech_MOD_3.6.0D_20070613_2.30 (20070613233015) - by DarkWolf
System Uptime: 0 hours 23 minutes
DSL Status: Connecting...
DSL Speed: 0/0kbps
Ethernet: Connected (Marvell switch)
WAN IP Address: N/A ("QuickStart")
WAN Uptime: 0 ("QuickStart")
LAN IP Address:
DHCP: Enabled
DHCP Range: -
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Wireless: Disabled
Security Type: WEP
WEP Key: 00 11 22 33 44
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