System/Host Name
Domain Name
Location Information
Location Name: Max.=50
Address: Max.=200
City: Max.=50
State / Province: Max.=50
Zip / Postal Code: Max.=10
Country: Max.=50
Contact Name: Max.=50
Contact Telephone: Max.=50
Contact FAX: Max.=50
Contact Email: Max.=50

Date: / / (Year/Month/Day)

Time: : : (Hour : Minute : Second)

Use NTP (Network Time Protocol) Time Server
Server IP/Domain Name
Time Zone
Update Time hours
Daylight Saving Time
Start Date: Month / Day
End Date: Month / Day
NAT (Network Address Translation) Enable
  IP Plug and Play ( iPnP Technology )
User Session Limit: Unlimited
Layer 2 Isolation Security Enable Disable
Console Type Console Setting

Account Generator Printer

Console Port
Bits per second  
Data bits  
Stop bits  
Administrator Authorized Access IP Address
1 ~
2 ~
3 ~
4 ~
5 ~
Multicast Passthrough Enable Disable
Allow remote user to ping the device Enable Disable
SSL Certificate Default Custom Certificate